LockOn LockOn makes it easy to text or email your location.

The LockOn app is convenient way to send your location either by text message or email. Think of the times you were trying to explain to someone over the phone how to get to where you are... now with LockOn imagine easily being able to send a map link to your friend to exactly where you are. If you both use iPhones your contact will also get directions!

Have the kids check in with a text message and their location.

Don't know how to explain to someone where you are? No worries, let LockOn figure it out and easily send a text message or email of your location.

How to use LockOn?

When the app starts a map view will appear with your current location in the center of the view. Your location will be represented with a blue dot, initially with a light blue region around it indicating how accurate your location is being determined. Given a few moments, the light blue region should reduce in size as your location is determined more accurately.


The Contacts button will display the contact list screen, and allow you to select the person you would like to send your location. After a contact is selected, the contact Info screen will be displayed where you can select either the phone number or email address to send your location. Once selected, the location link and message will automatically be entered into the form ready for you to press the send button.

                                LockOn Message Form

What will your contact see?

Your contact will first receive a message from you containing a link to the map.

                                Incoming Message

When they click on the link in the message they will be shown a map with your location, since this is being used on a iPhone we are shown the directions as well.

                                Map with directions