Have you realized that you have too many web site tabs in your browser?  Have you ever had a web app in another tab stop your browser from working?

Would you like more viewing area, with less distraction?

Quick launch your favorite web sites with a unique icon from a desktop shortcut or the quicklaunch bar.

Have the ability to disable browser caching for particular web sites?

Keep web apps localized to one browser instance?

How does it work?

A SSB (Site Specific Browser) allows you to wrap a particular web site into an application, that you launch from an icon on your desktop.

To create a SSB with SisterB, after starting the program the Create a Site Specific Browser window appears.

    1) Type in the URL for the web site.

    2) Optionally type in a name for your SSB.

    3) Click on the Create button.

Create SSB window
An shortcut icon will be created on your Desktop to launch your SSB. All your settings for the SSB can be changed after you create it. Just use the menu button located to the left of the status bar on the bottom of the window.