Timekeeper Timemaster is a stopwatch, laptimer, as well as a countdown timer.

One unique feature of Timemaster is the way it triggers the watch. Probably the most significant feature we used to compare analog stopwatches was by how the button click felt. Until now tactile feedback has been mostly ignored for stopwatch apps. Most apps use a simple button to press on the screen like the built in Stopwatch app, it's an obvious way to go. Timemaster can also work like this if desired, but adds sound and vibration for feedback. Some have used a "shake" gesture to trigger the watch as an alternative. However, using a button makes it easy to miss a lap, and the "shake" gesture gets tiresome. Timemaster introduces a new gesture technique, named the "Tilt" mode. With "Tilt" mode engaged, triggering requires a button press to arm, then tilting the device past 90 degrees to trigger. After the trigger has occurred, the phone gives a vibration pulse to verify the time has been triggered.

What makes the Tilt mode so convenient is that you don't have to take your eye off the object you are timing, just like an analog stopwatch with a button on it. Think about it, while using an analog stopwatch when you get ready to time something you rest your thumb on the button, keep your eye on what you are timing and click the button to trigger the time. With Tilt mode, holding the Arm button is like having your thumb on a stopwatch button, and tilting the phone is like clicking that stopwatch button, all while keeping your eye on what you are timing.
How does "tilt" mode work?

First you need to turn on the Tilt Switch in the setup tab.

After the Tilt Switch is turned on in the Setup tab, in the Watch tab you will notice the Start | Stop button has changed into the Hold to Arm button.

Now to trigger the start and stop functionality of the watch, it becomes a two step operation with a confirmation.

First hold down the arm button with the top of the phone pointed upward normally like you are looking at the screen, as pictured below.


Next while keeping the Hold to Arm button pressed, tilt the phone so the top of the phone points downward. At 90 degrees or just as the phone breaks the horizon the switch will trigger and the phone will vibrate confirming the action.