Twine Rapidly monitor and Log your Twine devices

The Twine app allows you to easily monitor and log your Twine devices from your iPhone or iPad.

If aren't aware of what the Twine is, check out this clever device that was successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter by Supermechanical.

It's a small, wireless device that can be used to monitor your home and alert you for instance if your basement is getting flooded, or if the temperature falls too low, etc. It can sense temperature, orientation, and vibration internally. With plug in sensors it can sense moisture, a magnetic switch, a breakout box, an external temperature probe, and an Arduino interface.
How to use the Twine app?

When the app starts you are presented with the login screen, use the same email address and password you used to setup your Twine on

                                Twine Login Screen

After you login your Twine(s) will automatically be found and displayed in the dashboard. If you have more Twines that can be displayed on the screen at a time you can scroll the screen to see the rest.

                                Twine main screen

Tapping on a Twine dashboard will display the graph screen for that Twine. The Twine app periodically grabs new data and logs it, providing the ability to chart the data.

                                Refreshing the main screen

Pressing the Detail button on the bottom left corner of the chart screen (shown above) will display the log screen shown below. Note the Display Temp in Badge switch. Turning this switch on will display the current Twine temperature in the icon badge.

                                Refreshing the main screen

If you need to refresh the Twine information, just do a pull-refresh on the screen from the top of the list.